Author Spotlight: Yatin Chandrakant Samant
Author Spotlight: Yatin Chandrakant Samant

Author Spotlight: Yatin Chandrakant Samant

The Path to Empowerment: Yatin Chandrakant Samant’s Journey Through Leadership and Wisdom

Yatin Chandrakant Samant, an accomplished professional with a rich background in engineering and business management, has emerged as a notable author and personal coach. With over 34 years of corporate experience spanning diverse industries across India and the Asia Pacific region, Yatin has established himself as a thought leader in leadership development and personal empowerment.

About the Book: “Invoke Inner Wisdom – Empower Self”

Yatin’s latest venture, the book “Invoke Inner Wisdom – Empower Self,” marks the first instalment in a series of three. This transformative work comprises 54 articles that serve as a guide to invoking inner wisdom, fostering higher clarity, and offering new perspectives. Yatin’s unique approach is evident as he views subjects not as destinations but as mediums to create fresh viewpoints and meanings.

The primary target audience for this enlightening book is the youth in their prime of career (ages 20-40), both in the workforce and those venturing into entrepreneurship. Yatin aims to empower readers with strong, independent minds, equipping them to navigate the challenges of professional life while finding fulfilment in their personal journeys.

The Author:

Yatin’s academic journey includes an engineering degree and a postgraduate diploma in business management from prestigious institutions like VJTI, Mumbai, and JBIMS, Mumbai. His corporate journey is equally illustrious, having held leadership roles in renowned organizations such as Allergan India, Clinton Foundation (HIV AIDS), Smmart Training & Consultancy, and Handiman Services.
As an Independent Director on the Board of MT Educare from 2011 to 2018, Yatin showcased his commitment to contributing to the growth and success of organizations. His multifaceted career also includes teaching stints as a visiting faculty member at renowned management institutes in Bangalore.
Yatin’s passion for adding value to people and making a meaningful difference led him to establish Powerful Perspectives in 2018. Through this venture, he addresses the leadership challenge as a perspective deficit, employing an ‘Inside-Out’ learning pathway to instil high clarity, deeper insights, and alternative perspectives. This approach empowers individuals and entities to transform their worlds according to their desires, fostering both professional success and personal fulfilment.

Powerful Perspectives:

At Powerful Perspectives, Yatin’s leadership development venture, he continues to focus on invoking clarity, providing deeper insights, and offering alternative perspectives. This unique methodology enables individuals and entities to see their world differently, empowering them to succeed professionally and feel fulfilled personally.

Other Achievements and Engagements:

Yatin’s literary prowess extends beyond his latest book. He has three published Marathi books, comprising two poetry collections and one with light prose articles. Additionally, he actively shares his insights through over 150 posts and 40 articles on LinkedIn. Yatin’s thought leadership is also evident in six original concept videos available on YouTube.

As a personal coach since 2012, Yatin welcomes human interaction and feedback. He can be reached at For more information, visit his website Powerful Perspectives and connect with him on LinkedIn.

Based in Bangalore with his family, Yatin Chandrakant Samant balances his professional pursuits with a diverse range of interests, including sports, travel, reading, and music. His commitment to continuous learning and sharing valuable insights continues to make a significant impact on individuals and organizations alike.

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