Author Spotlight Niyati Dubey
Author Spotlight Niyati Dubey

Author Spotlight: Niyati Dubey – Book: Eternal Connections

Niyati Dubey’s literary journey is a testament to the intertwining of dreams and destinies, a narrative as captivating as the pages of her debut novel, “Eternal Connections.” Stepping beyond the realms of fashion, where she has already made her mark with YATI INDIAS OWNED, Niyati delves into the enchanting world of fiction, weaving a tale that transcends time and boundaries.

Born from the depths of loss and nurtured by the unwavering support of her matriarchs, Niyati’s resilience forms the cornerstone of her narrative. From the intricate tapestry of her life experiences, she draws inspiration, infusing her prose with emotional depth and authenticity.

“Eternal Connections” stands as a testament to Niyati’s creative prowess, a trilogy saga that unfolds against the backdrop of ancient prophecies, forbidden love, and the relentless pursuit of truth. In the veiled corridors of fate, her protagonist, Elle, navigates a labyrinth of deception, her heart ensnared by a love that could either illuminate her path or ensnare her soul.

Niyati’s journey to becoming an author is as poetic as her prose. Amidst the romantic boulevards of Paris and the vibrant cultures of Europe, her childhood dream of writing found its voice. The whisper that had long lingered in the recesses of her mind blossomed into a vibrant narrative, echoing the melodies of destiny and love.

With “Eternal Connections,” Niyati invites readers to unravel the enigma of her imagination, where every whisper of the past carries the weight of tomorrow. Through her words, she transports readers to a world where dreams transcend reality and where love is the ultimate deliverance.

As her debut novel takes flight, Niyati Dubey emerges as a beacon of creativity and inspiration, reminding us that dreams, no matter how silent, possess the power to transform into our most cherished realities. With each page turned, readers embark on a journey of self-discovery and enchantment, guided by the indomitable spirit of an author whose storytelling prowess knows no bounds.

Prepare to be captivated, for in the realm of “Eternal Connections,” Niyati Dubey’s imagination knows no limits, and the echoes of her narrative linger long after the final chapter has been read.

Product details

Publisher: ‎Astitva Prakashan
Language: ‎English
Paperback: ‎236 pages
ISBN-13: ‎978-9358389005

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