Author Prerna Chaudhary – Sahitya Sparsh Award 2024

Author Prerna Chaudhary has won Sahitya Sparsh Award in 2024

Interviewer: What inspired you to start writing at such a young age, and how did you find the courage to pursue your passion?

Prerna Chaudhary: In my school, when there was a free period and I was getting bored, I started writing some poems which was in Hindi and included some English words. I showed that to everyone and they praised me. From that to everyone and they praised me. From that moment, I started writing stories, poems and still I am writing poems and stories. To persuade my passion of writing, my parents always encouraged me and got my book published “A Moment of Life” and from there I found the courage to pursue my passion in future too.

Interviewer: Can you tell us more about the journey of writing your first book, “A Moment of Life,” and the challenges you faced along the way?

Prerna Chaudhary: The journey of writing my first book “A Moment of Life” was quite impressive. I was very proud of myself that now I am one of those persons who have written their books. The challenges I faced were not bigger problems. Some people from my neighborhood or relatives didn’t knew more about writing or publishing a book, they thought that it is same as making videos on social media. Most of the people were happy and congratulated me for this achievement except those who didn’t understand its concept.

Interviewer: How did your parents support and influence your writing journey, and what role did they play in helping you get your book published?

Prerna Chaudhary: When I started writing poems and stories, everyone praised me but here comes my parents who not only praised me but here comes my parents who not only praised me but told me that writing a book is not an easy job, firstly, we need some cash then others are secondary. They supported me at each and every step of my writing journey. My parents encouraged me to write more poems and stories. Till now, they are doing the same thing.

Interviewer: “A Moment of Life” has been described as a blend of fiction and non-fiction. What inspired you to incorporate real-life experiences into your fictional narrative?

Prerna Chaudhary: “A Moment of Life” is a blend of fiction and non-fiction because in this book I have shared some of my real-life experiences in the form of stories and also some fictional stories. I wanted to share the good/bad experiences of my life to the readers and this is what inspired me to incorporate real-life experiences into fictional narratives.

What message or emotion do you hope readers take away from “A Moment of Life”?

Prerna Chaudhary: The message that readers will take away from “A Moment of Life” is firstly, they will take away some moral values, some real-life experiences. Then, they will fall in the ocean of fiction and at last they will experience the power of example and sometimes be the voice of example which is written in a blend of two languages i.e Hindi and English, which sometimes can be children’s voice and sometimes be the voice of example and so on.

Interviewer: As a young author, what advice do you have for other aspiring writers who may be hesitant to pursue their dreams?

Prerna Chaudhary: The aspiring writers who are hesitant to pursue their dreams don’t have to fear anyone. If your parents support you then it should not matter to you what the world thinks about you. You should only focus on your dream and if you get succeeded then the people whose dreams collapsed due to you will automatically come to you praising you. So, firstly you need to get your dreams completed.

Some lines for the aspiring writers –

Follow your heart’s call
Chase your dreams without delay
Success awaits you
Don’t let fear hold you
Reach for the stars, believe in
Your power to achieve

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