Author Interview – Dr. Kushalin Sarma

What inspired you to write “Echoes of Espionage,” and how did your diverse professional background influence the story?

Dr. Kushalin Sarma: Writing “Echoes of Espionage” was inspired by my fascination with global politics, technology, and the human psyche. My diverse professional background, which spans various fields, allowed me to weave a narrative that is both intricate and realistic. My experiences in cybersecurity provided a solid foundation for the story’s hacking elements, while my knowledge of international relations and military strategy helped me create a believable and high-stakes global conspiracy. These elements combined to form a rich tapestry of action, intrigue, and deep personal journeys.

How did you conceptualize the character of Yamada and the global conspiracy at the heart of the novel?

Dr. Kushalin Sarma: Yamada’s character was born out of the idea of a complex antagonist who is as much a victim of his circumstances as he is a mastermind of chaos. I wanted a villain who wasn’t just evil for the sake of being evil, but someone whose tragic past and personal losses drove him to his extreme actions. The global conspiracy was crafted to reflect the interconnected nature of modern threats, where cyber warfare, terrorism, and international politics collide. By grounding Yamada’s motivations in his personal history and blending them with contemporary global issues, I aimed to create a compelling and multifaceted adversary.

The book blends intense action with emotional and psychological depth. How did you balance these elements to create a compelling narrative?
Dr. Kushalin Sarma:
Balancing intense action with emotional and psychological depth was a deliberate process. I believe that for readers to be truly invested in the action, they need to care about the characters and understand their internal struggles. I interspersed high-octane scenes with quieter moments of introspection and character development. This allowed the characters to grow and evolve, making their journeys relatable and their actions meaningful. By delving into their backstories and personal demons, I aimed to give the action scenes more weight and resonance.

What challenges did you face in writing a complex, multi-layered story like “Echoes of Espionage,” and how did you overcome them?

Dr. Kushalin Sarma: Writing “Echoes of Espionage” presented several challenges, particularly in maintaining coherence across multiple plotlines and ensuring the pacing was just right. One major challenge was keeping track of the intricate web of relationships and events that span the globe. To overcome this, I relied heavily on detailed outlines and timelines to keep everything aligned. Another challenge was balancing the technical details of cyber warfare and espionage with the human elements of the story. I spent a lot of time researching and consulting with experts to ensure accuracy while using my narrative skills to keep the story engaging and accessible. Additionally, I sought feedback from early readers to fine-tune the pacing and emotional impact, ensuring that every element served the story’s overall arc.

What book is currently on your bedside table?

Dr. Kushalin Sarma: Intelligence in War by John Keegan.

What do you enjoy doing in your free time when you’re not writing or working on your various projects?

Dr. Kushalin Sarma: Firstly I don’t have friends since childhood and it was traumatic I won’t discuss anything about that and disturb the vibe of the fellow reader, that’s why I mostly work on myself as to sharpen my skills for gun control and if nothing works as per the plan to free my burden and chaos inside my mind I drive a couple miles alone.

Where can readers order copies of ‘Echoes of Espionage’?

Dr. Kushalin Sarma: P.S this is my first book and a blind shot to my writing career. I don’t know much about neither I did my homework on this, but I heartily trust Literatureslight and its partners, all the possible online stores and platforms for buying e-book and physical books.

Are you on social media? How can our readers reach you?

Dr. Kushalin Sarma: Yup I’m on social media over Instagram as ‘’Radkiks1’’ (this has nothing to do with the main character of the book) haha kidding!!

I am keen to connect and exchange views with my new friends who’ll give their valuable time reading this book.

I’m also over LinkedIn as if my fellow readers aids me guidance or wants to collaborate for writing such books.

Any message for readers regarding the book?

Dr. Kushalin Sarma: To the friend who’s reading this – I want you to read this with no expectations. This is a short story and I’m just a beginner. It might have multiple short falls and diversions that may not excite you as a professional writers book. But I can assure a thing you won’t be bored till the last page. I’m open to all critics and I urge you to let me know how I can do better for you. Hope this finds you well.

Certainly! Here is the response to the tenth question:

“Echoes of Espionage” hints at future challenges for the Vanguard Task Force. Can readers expect a sequel or a series following their journey?

Dr. Kushalin Sarma: Absolutely. “Echoes of Espionage” was designed to be the beginning of a larger saga, with the Vanguard Task Force at its core. The intricate world and complex characters introduced have so much more to explore. Readers can definitely expect a sequel, and potentially a full series, that delves deeper into the evolving dynamics within the team, new global threats, and further development of the characters’ personal journeys. The challenges they’ve faced so far are just the tip of the iceberg, and there are many more stories to tell and battles to fight. Stay tuned for more thrilling adventures with the Vanguard Task Force.

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