Author Interview – Kunja Bihari Parhi – Sahitya Sparsh Award 2024

Author Kunja Bihari Parhi winner of Sahitya Sparsh Award 2024

Interviewer: What inspired you to start writing, and how did your journey as an author begin?

Kunja Bihari Parhi: To write something every day new is one of my hobbies and also writing is my passion. When I was in 8th class for the first time, I wrote a small story and few poems. While in the college, I was contributing to the college magazine each year. Time passed and I took up a job in SBI. During my entire period of service, although I wrote a good number of short stories those could not be published.

After retirement, I had ample amount of time which I devoted in writing and I desired that I must have a book of my own unlike many of my other friends of different “Sahitya Parisada”. To fulfill my desire, I received much valuable guidance, advice from eminent writers like Satkodi Hota, Barendra Krushna Dhal and Prof. Mahapatra Nilamani Sahu. Truly speaking the above three great people were my guide and I received inspiration to write many more new things in my life.

Interviewer: Your works span across various genres like novels, short stories, poetry, and travelogue.

Kunja Bihari Parhi: Yes, it’s true. I have entered almost in all the categories of Odia literature. My next book which will be published shortly is a “Geeti Kabita” named “Geeti Kunja”. The book is presently with my publisher.

But gradually, I observed one important thing that readers of my books demanded short stories and novels instead of poems. One day while sitting with Dr. Satkodi Hota Ex. President of Odisha Sahitya Academy advised me to concentrate upon short stories and writing of Novel. At this point of time, I really was in the middle of Odia literature and my hard work got recognition by Odisha Sahitya Academy who took a decision to felicitate me in their Annual day function in 2018 evening. This evening was a turning point for me in the field of Odia literature and I was known as an established writer.

Interviewer: How do you approach writing different forms of literature, and do you have a favorite genre to write in?

Kunja Bihari Parhi: Mostly my writings are based on facts/incidents those are happening in our society. The facts are narrated in a more sophisticated manner with some ornamental words which can easily touch the mind of the readers. I do take adequate care in my mind while writing about an incident, I never mention the actual name of the persons as well as place inorder to avoid future controversies.

Truly speaking, so far whatever I have written, I strongly believe that I receive the entire theme of my short stories and novels from an unseen power, i.e., Lord Jagannath and Maa Sarswati, Sarala. My favourite genre is “Novels” as my readers expect and appreciate the way it is been written.

Interviewer: Can you share a bit about your creative process? How do you develop your ideas and bring them to life on paper?

Kunja Bihari Parhi: Without the blessings of an unseen and eternal power, personally I believe, it is difficult to write something constructive and lovable.

In an AIR interview my answer to the question of the program Executive was – “I am a Stenographer and my chief executive officer is Maa Sarswati”.

When I sit to write I have mostly felt, I have thought to write something where as I write something else. This means the third eye on the forehead is opened during this time and I receive the blessings of the unseen power when I move to an imaginary world. I could able to see everything which I need to write at that point of time.

Interviewer: Your writing is often deeply rooted in personal experiences and observations. How do you balance the line between fiction and reality in your storytelling?

Kunja Bihari Parhi: If there is no fire, there can’t be smoke. As far as possible, I give emphasis on actual incidents taking place in and around us in our society. There by the readers get much more interest on the books they read. But while writing, I try my level best to give importance on positive aspects which can create a better image.

One Eminent writter as well as author of more than 70 books, once upon a time the President of Odisha Sahitya Academy Dr. Satkodi Hota while writing the Preface of my first Novel, wrote two important things i.e., “Bhasha Nijaswa and secondly, “Lekha Gudika Anubhaba ‘O’ Anubhutira”.

Interviewer: What messages or themes do you hope readers take away from your works?

Kunja Bihari Parhi: As a writer, it is my primary responsibility to educate and influence people in the society through my writings. In the concluding chapter/paragraph a meaningful/suitable message is given to the readers of the book for peaceful coexistence, believing God, respecting our seniors in the society and to build up a good moral character etc.

Interviewer: You’ve received recognition and awards for your contributions to Odia literature. How do you feel about the impact your writing has had on your readers and the literary community?

Kunja Bihari Parhi: One most important thing I always keep in mind that after I received the Odisha Sahitya Academy Award in other words a true recognition as a writer in Odia literature, my responsibilities has become many folded. The quality of writings must be of higher standard and it should not be casual at any point of time. Now a days, I am giving more emphasis to write short stories and Novels which has got a lot of demands from the readers of my books.

Author interview KUNJA BIHARI PARHI
Author interview KUNJA BIHARI PARHI

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