Srirama Chakradhar Winner of the 2024 Sahitya Sparsh Award
Srirama Chakradhar Winner of the 2024 Sahitya Sparsh Award

Author Srirama Chakradhar – Winner of Sahitya Sparsh Award 2024

Srirama Chakradhar: Illuminating Life’s Path Through the Ramayana


In a fast-paced world where ancient wisdom is often overlooked, Srirama Chakradhar emerges as a beacon of light, guiding readers on a journey of self-discovery through the lens of the Ramayana. His book, Thavaasmi: A journey towards completeness, is not just a literary work but a testament to his dedication to distilling the timeless teachings of the Ramayana into a practical guide for modern life.

The Genesis of Thavaasmi:

Srirama Chakradhar’s inspiration for Thavaasmi stems from a deep-rooted belief in the value of the Ramayana as a source of wisdom and guidance. He recognized a growing disconnect between the teachings of the Ramayana and modern life and sought to bridge this gap through his extensive research and writing.

Seven Years of Dedication:

Srirama Chakradhar’s journey with Thavaasmi spanned over seven years, during which he delved deep into the intricacies of the Ramayana. His research was not just academic but a personal quest to uncover the deeper meaning behind the epic and its relevance to contemporary society.

The Essence of Thavaasmi:

Thavaasmi is more than just a book; it is a practical guide and pedagogical model aimed at making a human out of man. Through Thavaasmi, Srirama Chakradhar presents a methodical approach to life and skills, drawing parallels between the characters, virtues, and situations in the Ramayana and real-life scenarios.

Teaching Through Example:

As a passionate teacher and personality development trainer, Srirama Chakradhar believes in leading by example. His initiatives, such as “Mission Live and Lead Life” and “Ayushmanbhava,” are a testament to his commitment to transforming lives through service and spirituality.

The Wheel of Life:

Srirama Chakradhar’s “The Wheel of Life” is a revolutionary concept aimed at instilling a regimental approach towards time management and skill acquisition in young minds. This innovative approach to education emphasizes the importance of holistic development from an early age.

A Call to Rediscover:

Thavaasmi is not just a book for reading; it is a call to rediscover the values and teachings of the Ramayana. Through Thavaasmi, Srirama Chakradhar invites readers to embark on a journey towards completeness, guided by the timeless wisdom of the Ramayana.

In conclusion, Srirama Chakradhar’s work is a beacon of light in a world that often overlooks the wisdom of the past. Thavaasmi stands as a testament to his dedication to enriching lives through the teachings of the Ramayana. It is a reminder that the ancient epics are not just stories but guides to living a meaningful and fulfilling life. Through his work, Srirama Chakradhar continues to inspire readers to explore the depths of their own existence and find purpose in the timeless wisdom of the Ramayana.

Review: Thavaasmi – Sahitya Sparsh Award 2024

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