Top Book Publishing Platforms in India 2024
Top Book Publishing Platforms in India 2024

Top Book Publishing Platforms in India 2024

Top Book Publishing Platforms in India 2024: Where Authors Find Success

In this article, we will explore some of the top book publishing platforms in India, where authors can turn their literary dreams into reality. India has a rich literary tradition that dates back centuries, and it continues to thrive in the digital age. With a growing community of talented authors, many seek opportunities to publish their works and share their stories with the world. Fortunately, India offers a plethora of book publishing platforms that cater to a diverse range of authors and genres.

Evincepub Publishing

Evincepub Publishing, a leading self-publishing company in India, has gained the trust of countless authors. With a commitment to quality, they offer a premium platform for self-publishing with comprehensive support. Whether you’re an aspiring author or an established one, Evincepub is your trusted choice. They publish books in various Indian and international languages, spanning genres like Fiction, Non-Fiction, Academic, and Poetry. Connect with their expert publishing team, receive valuable guidance, and commence your publishing journey. Your book can be in readers’ hands within just 30 days from the initial manuscript submission.

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Notion Press

Notion Press has revolutionized self-publishing with its user-friendly platform. Authors can publish their books in various languages including English, Hindi, Tamil, Bengali, Marathi, Malayalam, Gujarati, and Kannada. Through the hybrid publishing program Outpublish, authors enjoy the freedom of self-publishing while benefiting from expert guidance to ensure the highest quality. This approach not only publishes books but also builds a global platform for them. Authors can choose a hands-on approach with book experts crafting each page or use the free platform for self-publishing. In essence, Notion Press combines quality services and innovative technology, making it the preferred choice for independent authors. Contact our publishing experts for a free publishing plan and Outpublish your competition today:

Literatureslght Publishing

Literature’s Light Publishing is an established book publishing company in India, boasting over 5 years of industry expertise. They offer a comprehensive array of services, including editing, formatting, government copyright registration, and global distribution, simplifying the book publishing and promotion process for authors. The company specializes in providing cost-effective book promotion services to enhance authors’ visibility and expand their readership. Literature’s Light Publishing is the go-to choice for emerging Indian authors, delivering editing, formatting, cover design, and global distribution solutions.

They operate on a Print on Demand (POD) model, ensuring books are always available, and authors receive 100% of royalties from each sale. They accept a wide range of genres, such as fiction, non-fiction, academic, and poetry, in both Hindi and English. When authors choose Literature’s Light Publishing, their books are published in both paperback and eBook formats and distributed across prominent platforms like Amazon, Flipkart, Goodreads, Google Play/Books, and Kindle. Furthermore, the company ensures global distribution to 35,000+ locations in over 100 countries, making authors’ work accessible to a broad international audience. Prospective authors can explore the various publishing packages available to initiate their publishing journey at

Astitva Prakashan

Astitva Prakashan, a prominent publishing house, offers authors a platform to achieve fame, captivating the hearts of writers globally, not just in India. They firmly believe that a writer can transform into an author with the invaluable assistance of a publishing house. Astitva Prakashan is dedicated to providing all the necessary support for authors to become bestsellers. Their commitment to nurturing and promoting literary talent is evident in their global approach. Explore their offerings at and unlock the potential to shine as a celebrated author.

Blue Rose Publishers

Blue Rose Publishers, strategically located in the bustling heart of India’s metropolis, stands as a seasoned and meticulously organized publishing entity, firmly committed to delivering top-tier book publication services. They take pride in their extensive range of genres and languages, opening doors for authors from diverse literary backgrounds. Their dedication to connecting authors and readers underscores their commitment to expanding literary horizons. Established in October 2012, Blue Rose Publishers has nurtured a vibrant community of over 50,000 registered authors, with a substantial digital presence across various social media platforms and a global reach spanning 140 countries. Explore their international presence at

Become Shakespeare

Become Shakespeare, though relatively young compared to its peers in terms of published titles (1050 and counting), is a global self-publishing platform passionately dedicated to fostering and inspiring writers from diverse backgrounds. Their comprehensive services include book cover design, editing, and publication, along with the organization of book events for effective promotion. You can find details about their processes and packages in the Company Profile Section on their official website. With a growing family of contented authors, numbering over 850 and continually expanding, Become Shakespeare remains a supportive hub for authors. Explore their offerings at to embark on your literary journey.


In the ever-evolving landscape of book publishing in India, authors now have an array of opportunities to share their stories and knowledge with a broader readership. Whether opting for self-publishing through platforms like Amazon KDP or exploring the traditional publishing route with publishers like Srishti, there is a publishing avenue to suit every author’s unique needs.

Authors are encouraged to conduct thorough assessments of their objectives, financial considerations, and the level of support they require before selecting a platform. By making an informed decision, authors can breathe life into their literary ambitions and contribute to the enduring tapestry of Indian literature for generations to come.

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