Book Review – 27 Souls: Spine Chilling Scary Stories

27 Souls : Spine Chilling Scary Stories by Vaidehi Taman

Vaidehi Taman has a rare craft that is versatile to adapt as per the mode in which she is writing. Whether it is her debuting “Life Beyond Complications” or “Vedanti: Ek Aghori Prem Kahani,” her dexterity has been evident. With the next writing in the short story format in “27 Souls: Spine Chilling Scary Stories,” Taman has again introduced the readers to a different side of her artistic temperament. Born from true events, she has successfully narrated the stories of birth, reincarnation, connection with previous births and explores other themes in the social and psychological context. Altogether, this volume is an exploration of a different universe that is primarily driven by human beings, their interests, deeds, actions and behaviours. In the midst of this, the author also introduces the idea of connections, bonds, emotions, and determiners of the factors that would lead people in their life beyond the realm of the human body.

As interesting as the idea sounds, the stories in “27 Souls” create an air of mystery, wonder and make the readers ponder about the events as they occur in different stories. The fact that the stories are based on true events and largely are a retelling of the same gives the stories additional weight and arouses the interests of the readers instantaenously. In the stories, the author also explores the concepts of Karma theory, impact of deeds in life beyond, determiners of the form of next birth and the effect of the ties of this birth on the next. Through the exploration of the ideas, the author connects human vices with their actions simultaneously. The introduction of real people and bringing excerpts from their lives also serves the purpose of enlightening the readers and those who may not be aware of the hindu concepts of birth, afterlife, next birth and everything associated with it.

“27 Souls: Spine-Chilling Scary Stories” by Vaidehi Taman is a riveting exploration into the realms of the paranormal, drawing readers into a world filled with ghostly encounters, reincarnation tales, and spine-tingling experiences. Taman expertly weaves together a collection of stories, many of which are rooted in real-life encounters, inviting readers to confront their deepest fears and immerse themselves in the unknown. From haunted houses to eerie encounters in abandoned places, Taman delves into the myriad ways in which the supernatural manifests itself in our lives. Through these tales, she explores the concept of souls, bodies, minds, and ghosts, offering readers a thought-provoking glimpse into the mysteries of the universe.

One of the most captivating aspects of “27 Souls” is its exploration of the origins of our beliefs in ghosts and the paranormal. Taman examines how childhood experiences and family tales shape our perceptions of the supernatural, while also delving into the role of horror movies in perpetuating our fear of the unknown. Moreover, Taman delves into the deeper implications of ghost stories, exploring the idea that ghosts are often associated with unsatisfied souls, victims of tragic deaths seeking closure in the afterlife. She also touches upon the belief that animals may transform into spirits after death, adding another layer of complexity to the narratives presented in the book.

Despite the prevalent fear surrounding the paranormal, Taman also explores the enduring concept of souls and reincarnation across various religions. Through her exploration of these themes, she offers readers a comprehensive guide through life’s most terrifying experiences, providing both entertainment and enlightenment along the way.

“27 Souls” is recommended to the readers who are not only looking for thrilling stories that would send the chills down their spines to their bones, but also to those readers who may have their doubts about birth, rebirth and afterlife. While discussing the stories, the author also discusses the concepts of soul, its existence, its form, the deeper meaning of the generalized concept of ghosts, etc. She also explores the clash between religion and science where the impacts of the present day developments have led to science agreeing with beings that may not be visible directly. These ideas may give food for thought to rational readers who only believe in a scientific approach towards things in life. In light of these aspects, the book is recommended to readers of all age groups and people who are interested in reading a refreshing take on the basic idea of ghosts, their existence and their presence around us.

Through “27 Souls,” Vaidehi Taman delivers a hauntingly immersive experience, seamlessly blending real-life encounters with the supernatural to create a tapestry of spine-chilling tales. This collection is a testament to Taman’s skill in captivating her audience and leaving them spellbound until the very last page. “27 Souls: Spine-Chilling Scary Stories” is a captivating and thought-provoking collection that will appeal to fans of the supernatural and those intrigued by the mysteries of the afterlife. Taman’s storytelling prowess shines through in each tale, leaving readers eagerly turning the pages as they embark on a journey into the unknown.

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